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APRIL is Alcohol AWARENESS Month

On February 27, I celebrated my 90th year on the planet.  In all the years, alcohol was my only drug of choice.  It served me well until it didn’t. Upon […]


Vim:  energy and enthusiasm.: Vigor: mental and moral strength. Virtualocity: The ability to move about among faces and places for learning opportunities. With vim and vigor, I can always go […]

Bridging Prevention and Recovery is a Win-Win in Our Nation’s Drug Epidemic

After losing our son to an accidental overdose on his fourth day of college, my wife and I founded a national nonprofit focused on helping reverse the addiction fatality epidemic. […]

The World is Upside Down

In order to write a worthwhile little, I have to watch, listen and read a lot. I look for other’s words to capture, contemplate, and pass along. I saw a […]

10 Processes of Change — Do You Know What Drives the 5 Stages?

As I’ve traveled the country these past 4+ years launching R1 I’ve learned a lot, with the help from so many others, about the behavioral health industry, workforce shortages, and […]