“What is a Recovery First Coach?” 

A Recovery First Coach promotes recovery and removes barriers and obstacles to recovery, serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking or already in recovery from an addiction to alcohol and or other drugs.

While we believe in the title Recovery First Coach, there are many other titles that are used for this sought-after position. What distinguishes a coach from other peer positions is that we stay in the lane of providing support for people in recovery from an addiction to alcohol and or other drugs.

“Recovery First Coaching participants will:” 

  • Describe the Recovery Coach’s role and functions
  • List the components, core values, and guiding principles of recovery
  • Build skills to enhance relationships
  • Explore many dimensions of recovery and recovery coaching
  • Discover attitudes about self-disclosure and sharing your story
  • Understand the stages of recovery
  • Describe the stages of change and their applications
  • Increase their awareness of culture, power, and privilege
  • Address ethical and boundaries issues
  • Experience recovery wellness planning
  • Practice newly acquired skills

“Who should attend the Recovery First Coaching Training?”

Anyone interested in being agents of change in our communities. The Recovery First Coaching Training is an innovative new approach to healing people’s lives that is unlike any other training. Utilizing a dynamic approach to learning that blends both process and content. If you’re ready to learn, be challenged, and reap valuable rewards for life, this training is a must.

Participants may be eligible for the Professional Recovery Coach (PRC) Endorsement by CCAPP. Click here to learn more.

Click here for the Professional Recovery Coach Code of Conduct.

The R1 Learning System

Evidence-based and Best Practice Resources

Comprehensive: A full range of content, training, and implementation resources

Modular: The System can be implemented in topics or training specific segments

Structured: An organized, standardized, set of system elements and modules

Scalable: The ability to be expanded as needed to additional populations, settings, and practitioners at all levels

Recovery Coach Kit includes nine Discovery Cards decks, nine colorful 8.5” x 11” model infographics for each deck, and one Recovery Coach Guide –everything you need to create engaging learning experiences through self-discovery.

CCAPP Offers a 40-hour training for Recovery First Coaching. Visit the events calendar to see if there are any scheduled training coming up.

R1’s Interactive Educational Platform
R1 Learning provides interactive, hands-on, and person-centered curriculum that engages and retains individuals in care, increases effectiveness through workforce training, and generate data for outcomes measurement. R1 delivers greater engagement for the leading evidence-based and best practice models and theories for substance use disorder, mental health and wellness, and life skills topics.

Stages of Change Video:
This engaging and educational video provides a brief overview of the 5 Stages of Change for Substance Use Disorder

Healthy Boundaries Video:
This 2-minute view provides a brief overview of 5 Boundary Management Practices and 8 Boundary Types for effective boundary management.

Phases of Addiction Video:
This educational video provides a brief overview of the 5 Phases of Addiction and the Jellinek Curve.