Mitch Cherness has been working in behavioral health field since 1975.  Prior to working for the County Mitch worked in residential treatment, and community corrections.  He recently retired from the County of Orange after 30 years of doing Public and Behavioral Health services.  At the County he created a number of behavioral and public health services that greatly improved accessibility to services.   He played a major role in addressing public health issues, such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C during early years of these diseases, and helped mobilize the community and to address the behavioral health needs in Orange County.   Mitch has been in the forefront of the opioid epidemic and does presentations on how opioids and behavioral health issues have impacted Orange County.  Mitch is a founding member of the Orange County Recovery Collaborative and currently is a consultant with Grandmas House of Hope. Both organizations are actively working in the community to address behavioral health and homelessness issues.  He can be reached via email at