Starting with Young People in Recovery back in 2018, I did not anticipate to be where I am today in the recovery field. I, as an advocate, have heard and listened to my peers in the community about a variety of ways to assist those looking to be engaged, have learned to assist those directly looking for peer support services, and loved acting as a bridge to a human wanting to connect.

As Program Coordinator for Antelope Valley (Palmdale/Lancaster area) I have seen this specific community struggle with adequate resources to service the most needed community such as those affected by homelessness, the recovery population, the youth, and even those with mental health needs. The AV community is amazing and we have worked collaboratively to see everyone be provided directly where they are at. Humans deserve any extra support that can possibly be provided and I appreciate being apart of an organization that lets me act as that connecting factor. As the California Chapter Coordinator, it is also my job to continue to provide direct support to my fellow program coordinators as our chapters and leaders engage throughout California. We have 14 chapters throughout California and 60 chapters nationwide. As an organization, we strive to provide support and community services at a peer to peer level for anyone in recovery, seeking recovery, or supports the recovery lifestyle.

I look forward to being apart of this coalition to further support those directly looking to engage with their community and enjoy life with all pathways welcome.